William C. Poole Jr.  

My husband William “Will” Poole Jr. was given a lethal dose of laced heroin on September 25, 2020 and died 2 days later in the hospital on September 27th. He had been clean for close to a year during this recovery period; and the 1st time he picked up….It killed him! He often shared with his audience “No Matter What, DON’T Pick Up!” And these very I continue to share with as many people as often as possible. In 2016 Will started a Movement which turned into a Podcast Show called “Addiction Matters” to encourage and give hope to those suffering with addiction. As well as giving hope to family of those suffering that recovery is possible.  He was more than an addict, he was an amazing man, husband and father of our 3 beautiful children. He still is  loved, valued and missed! Myself and my children hurt everyday, some days suffering in silence without him being here with us! It’s been over a year and no one has even asked me one question to possibly bring dealer to justice.  It’s as if his life didn’t matter……….. I will fight for my husband keeping his life and legacy alive as long as I have breath in my body! Spreading the word of the injustices that are happening  related to victims of drug induced homicide. As well as encouraging drug  users not to pick up because their 1st time could be their last time! More Dealers need to be held accountable; our loved ones have been held accountable to the fullest extent…….Lost of their Life! Now it’s time for accountability to be placed on dealers and everyone else involved!!! #WeWillNotBeSilenced OUR LOVED ONES MATTER! 

I will always love you my God Given King! #NeverGivingUpOnJustice