Wesley Greer

Forever 29

Wesley was an amazing man. He loved every sport he tried, every course he learned, every person he met, and every family member he had. Wesley was truly a gentle giant. He was naturally athletic and excelled at every game he played. He had a huge heart and always came to the aid of anyone who needed it. He was fiercely loyal and never hesitated to protect his family and friends. He was a self-proclaimed “Momma’s boy” and didn’t care what anyone thought. While playing football in college, Wesley injured his knee. Our family doctor prescribed opioids. After a 7 or 8 year struggle, including 5+ rehabs, IOPs, halfway houses Wesley finally found a 9 month faith-based rehab that stuck. He had found his soulmate and was prepared to settle down and start a family. Two years later, he lost his battle. He found a dealer online and bought heroin. His father and I found him dead the next morning of pure fentanyl poisoning.

Although local law enforcement did no investigation, we pursued the case through the DEA. Hugo Margenat-Castro, the man who intentionally murdered my son and many others, is currently serving a 20 year sentence in Federal Prison for Trafficking Resulting in Death or Serious Bodily Injury.