Tristan Phillips

Forever 21

I Google my son and he’s everywhere.  I just wish everyone knew the truth of how my son passed.  He didn’t overdose, he was poisoned. He paid some cash for his own death. He didn’t deserve this. He had very bad anxiety and had realized he had a problem with pills and he had an appointment the next day to get help. Cocaine was not his thing but never did he get this that night to die. He didn’t have a chance. What that fucker sold him they said a pinch would have killed 50 people. He was a wonderful person and he didnt deserve this. He loved his family. Me and his dad had been talking to him for days and he went on his own to get help. His dad was taking him the next day. My son was murdered and I want justice for my baby. He didn’t deserve to die. He loved life. I feel like these people will pay somehow for what they did. Please talk to your kids about fentanyl. They are putting it in everything because its cheaper.  These people dont care who you are, all they want is that money. Somehow I will help others and find an organization or start one of my own. No one deserves this. No family or friends deserve this torturing pain we all feel. I promise you son I will get you justice and you will not have died in vain. I pray that your death will help others to stop these drugs because though they are not good on their own, fentanyl is certain death. I wish this pain for no one. Let’s make him proud and spread the word so we dont keep having to lose our children. Please share!  #myonlyson #forever21 #iwillmakeachangeforyou