Why Are Drug Dealers
Getting Away With MURDER?

Drug Toxicity Deaths 2000 - 2020

A drug toxicity death occurs every 11 minutes in America. Drug toxicity is now the leading cause of death for young Americans, who are more likely to die from drug toxicity than from car accidents, firearms, or AIDS.

Drug dealers lace cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana with illegal fentanyl – which is 50 times stronger than heroin – unleashing the worst public health crisis in American history.  

Our children are dying in record numbers. The judicial systems in many counties refuse to criminally investigate & prosecute the lethal poisoning of our loved ones.

Dealing Death

A person commits drug-induced homicide when he or she unlawfully delivers a controlled substance to another, and any person’s death is caused by the injection, inhalation, absorption, or ingestion of any amount of that controlled substance.
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Dealing Anguish

As the country struggles to contain the worst drug crisis in its history, families of victims are shattered. They suffer in solitude, staggering under the tremendous weight of shock, loss, sorrow, and outrage.

It’s time for JUSTICE.


We Are The Voice Of Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves.

Support our mission to:
  • Introduce Drug Induced Homicide legislation to States that do not currently have this statute.
  • Raise awareness about the effectiveness of criminal investigation and prosecution in reducing deaths related to suspected drug toxicity.
  • Support families of victims who were unlawfully delivered a controlled substance resulting in their death.

Have you lost a loved one?

Do you have a story to tell?

Do you want to learn more?


Contact us now.

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What You Can Do

Let your elected officials know that enough is enough.

Together we can and will bring these perpetrators to justice.

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Attend A Rally

A rally or candlelight vigil can raise awareness while honoring the lives of those we have lost.
Find a local event.

Contact Your Congressmen

We can make a powerful impact by urging our members of Congress to support and advocate Drug Induced Homicide Law. They care what their constituents have to say.
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Make A Donation

Drug Induced Homicide, Inc. has applied for 501c non-profit status. This page will be updated once we receive our tax id number. In the meantime, subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates. Donations are the life’s blood of any non-profit, and we will genuinely appreciate donations of any amount.

We Demand Justice

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