DIH State Advocacy Chapters

The Drug-Induced Homicide Foundation has established individual state chapters on Facebook with the objective of facilitating connections among parents or next of kin of DIH victims who are seeking justice following drug poisoning death. Recognizing the variations in state laws, networking within the state where the homicide occurred can prove to be advantageous.

The DIH organization places utmost importance on the safety and trust of its members. Confidential conversations on a private platform enable members to learn from one another. In light of these considerations, we kindly request your valid identification and the death certificate of the victim as prerequisites for joining private state groups. Upon completion of this form, you will receive an email notification outlining the final steps to join the state group to which you have applied.

We strongly encourage members to participate in both our national group and the state group corresponding to the location of the victim’s homicide.

United, we possess the capacity to effect positive change ultimately saving lives. Our collective strength lies in our numbers. Collaborating with others will greatly assist us in accomplishing our mission, which includes the following:

  • Raising awareness about the efficacy of criminal investigation and prosecution in reducing deaths associated with illicit drugs.
  • Advocating for a departure from previous protocols within our judicial system that predominantly focused on accidental circumstances, and instead classifying such cases as criminal.
  • Advocating for legislation that imposes greater accountability on those who intentionally distribute illicit drugs.
  • Providing support to families of victims who have tragically fallen prey to the unlawful delivery of controlled substances resulting in death.

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