Shane LaRocca

Forever 29

To begin my son was 2.5 years in recovery.  He was living in his house with his girfriend and 19 month old little girl.  The relationship was not good and she want to leave him and he was very depressed.  Started smoking weed a form of self medication.  On July 6th I got a call that he had kidney stones and needed to go to th ER. Their treatment was to hand him a script of oxycodine after I advised not to and he was in recovery.  They just handed it to him.  This is where the rollercoaster started.  When thatcran out hecwent looking for percs.  It was easier getting heroin so he did.  He overdosed in Camden after being hit with Narcan he survived. I  never knew this till after hed passed away.  That was on July 16th 2019.  I noticed that he was losing wait and very depressed as the relationship was putting him in a deep depression.  He put a restraining order on him and got temporary full custody.  His depression consumed him.  He saw a friend in a store and from what I gather the overdose scared him so he wanted to be sure not to get Fentynal so this friend gabe him a guys name in our neighborhood.  On July 28th hed pick my grandaughter up from me and left but I could see his anguish.  I asked him to notvdo anything stupid.  I texted him at 9pm or so and he said he was just couldnt take much more.  Last I heard from him.  I called and texted him most of the day and no answer it went right to voicemail.  He phone was off.  That never happens.  I went with my husband to the house.  No response.  I heard the baby cry so we broke in and found him face down on his bed and her in her crib. She was safe.  His dog by his head.  To see your child dead is a nightmare and sight Ill never forget.  Thanks to his phone drug dealer is sitting in jail.  We sit and wait as everything is postponed but we are hoping he gets the max.  My son died of pure Fentynal poisoning. He didnt know what hit him.  He died instantly.   My boy is foever 29.  He was funny
and loving.  He loved his daughter and was a wonderful Dad.  He was an MMA fighter.  This was a fight hevhad no chance of winning.