Qarinna Richardson

Forever 29

Our beautiful daughter Qarinna was diagnosed with a severe stomach problem. But after many years at Loma Linda hospital and many pain pill prescription, she was cut off and then given morphine pills which then led to someone giving her heroin. After a year of trying to get her into the proper detox to address her stomach as well detox we got the dreaded phone call. She had been missing for 3 months, I knew something was wrong. Sure enough, she was given a hit shot mix of heroin, fentinol, Nora fentinol, meth, and codein. She was so out of it that she was walking down the tracks and tried to stumble off when the horns blew, but didn’t make it far enough. They say it was an accident, but we know better! She left behind two little girls who miss her terribly, and we are in terrible anguish over the loss of our beautiful girl♡
This drug issue must come to a stop!