Patrick Falkowski

Forever 23

My son Patrick age 23 left the house on Friday November 15, 2019 around 4 pm.   He did not say where he was going that night and if he did leave he either came back within  a couple hours or would go stay with a best friend from high school and come back later the next day.  My son did not come back.  His case is still under investigation but I spoke to the Chief of Police in my town of Putnam, CT and he said to me on 8/21/2020 that as we spoke they were drafting up arrest papers to arrest the punk that poisoned my son and left him to die.   From what I have gathered so far from people who knew about what happened, my son met with this thug who lived in a small tent in a wooded area on top of a hill behind a strip mall.  My son most likely met him there to purchase a drug from him.  My son was not doing any drugs for four months and he told me that he was still having some marijuana now and then and maybe some cocaine.  While my son was up at this small tent with this drug dealer in the cold in the dark, my son was stuck in the arm with a needle which contained fentanyl and xylazine.  I was told by some individuals who knew this drug dealer that this punk saw my son go down and struggle and left him there to die in 20 degree weather in a small dirty tent behind a strip mall with no cameras and nobody would even know my son was back there dying.  This criminal walked away and told his friends he left the guy in there and acted as if he didn’t care.  I believe this criminal robbed his pockets since my son just got paid that night, plus I never got his baseball hat back that he had on his head that night when he left; that was probably taken from him also and used to sell for drugs.  My son was a kind, caring hardworking young man and unfortunately walked into a trap that night not knowing what this criminal was capable of.  I have to live with this the rest of my life knowing my son was left to die where nobody could help him.  I thought the whole time my son was with his high school friend.