Parker Rodenbaugh

Forever 22

My son Parker Rodenbaugh was twenty two and had everything to live for. He was such a beautiful and caring soul that showed his love and kindness so much to everyone! On August 09,2014 I helped my son pack to move back to college. I never knew he would never come back home. That evening when he got to Starkville, Mississippi, back to his house that he lived with four other roommates. It was a two story house and he had went in the back door to the house. There was a fantasy football game party going on that a few of his roommates were having. They had no idea that Parker was even there. One of the persons that was at the party was an old high school friend of Parkers. He had given Parker two tabs of a synthetic drug 25-b. This was a deadly synthetic drug that was 100 times stronger than morphine. After taking the drug Parker started talking in circles. A boy had went up to the so called friend (dealer!) that gave this drug to Parker and told him that he was worried about Parker talking in circles. The dealer said he was just having a bad trip. Then after that Parker started running into walls and shelves. He was seen sitting on the stairs bleeding from his forehead and knees. All the while this dealer was seeing everything happening. Others did not know that he took the drug and thought Parker was drunk. Parker was not known  by his friends to do drugs. Parker had made a wrong decision that night to try this drug and having no idea what he was taking. Later Parker ended up stairs where his roommates were and ended up falling into convulsions. His roommates went to help. One of his roommates said the dealer saw and said he couldn’t watch this and went back down stairs to smoke a hookah pipe. When Parker started turning blue the roommates yelled to call 911! The dealer left and went back to his apartment. When the ambulance got there they tried working on him but Parker died. The roommates told the police who gave Parker something and where they could find him. The police went to arrest the dealer. The police said on the dealers phone it showed where when he got back to his apartment he looked up what do you do for someone having a bad trip and then with not even a second later he was looking up about Mario cart. He started playing video games!!!! Skylar O’Kelly from Madison, Mississippi was charged with drug trafficking of 425 dosage units of synthetic deadly drugs and Depraved Heart Murder!! He was convicted at trial of both. Then in appeals court the drug trafficking was affirmed and the murder charges was overturned!! There was no law in Mississippi to uphold a murder charge for a drug dealer causing a death!!  The Asst. DA called me with the decision of the appeals court. He told me that the trial was one of the hardest emotionally he had ever prosecuted. He told me that Mississippi should have a law to hold drug dealers accountable for deaths. He told me we should have a Parker’s Law!!  When he said that it hit me so hard because after Parker’s freshman year in college I had a talk with him about what he wanted to do in life. He told me I just want to make a difference in the world .”  This was my meaning in life now to see that my state had this law!! It has been four years now and I’m getting closer than ever now in getting this bill passed. Meanwhile, Skylar O’Kelly is serving his second year of a ten year mandatory sentence for drug trafficking!! My beautiful son never got to see his dreams come true. But as his mom I will make one dream come true of his. Parker’s law will make a difference. I love and miss you my sweet son.