During the third week of September, participants place an empty chair outside of their home, apartment, business, etc for one week calling for justice of the precious life that was unlawfully dealt a controlled substance resulting in a homicide.

We will not be silenced and the lethal poisonings of our loved ones will not be dismissed as non criminal within the judicial system and closed without a criminal investigation. We also encourage families whose loved one’s case has resulted in a prosecution of the persons responsible for delivering the lethal dose also participate crediting the judicial system for pursuing those peddling poison for profit.

We encourage participants to personalize their chair to their loved one and consider adding awareness stats, laws, etc educating the public as to this growing epidemic.

Please consider hosting a rally in your community as the families of the Forgotten Victims of Drug Induced Homicide rise up and speak up to those dealing death. ☠️

Personalize each chair to share your loved one’s beauty, strength & love for life.

These deaths are criminal and warrant a criminal investigation, prosecution and commitment to the department of corrections upon a guilty verdict. It is critical that the judicial system investigate and disrupt the activities of drug dealers, drug traffickers and prescription pill distributors sending a message that if they choose to profit from the misery and suffering of others, law enforcement will find them, and should the unthinkable tragedy of a deadly poisoning occur because of this unlawful sale, expect consequences. Anywhere in the supply chain, you can be held accountable.

When a person dies, it leaves an evidence trail; investigators have to work with the evidence, trace phone calls, retrace steps and timeline in determining the source of the lethal dose.

This event can be expanded within your community on a larger scale or simply on a more personal level. Include local families and host an event at local park, church, courthouse, etc. Notify media of your event. If you are unable to participate as you do not have a porch or a front lawn, simply share your display at your local park for the world to take note of the precious lives lost.

My child did not overdose.

My child is a victim of a drug induced homicide.

We will not be silenced.

When bad things happen to good people, they grieve & they suffer. Then they resolve not to allow it to happen to someone else. Not so it can help justify the pain, suffering or loss that has struck their family but so no one else has to feel the pain they have felt.

Is the fentanyl situation an overdose crisis or a poisoning crisis?

Our loved ones were the victim of drug-induced homicide, not an overdose!
When someone drinks too much, we call it alcohol poisoning.
When someone takes too much of a drug, we call it an overdose.
The difference in language may seem slight, but it says a lot about how our society differentiates between alcohol users and drug users.
“Poisoning” is a technically accurate diagnostic term for what’s happening inside the body. Meanwhile, the word “overdose,” meaning “to administer medicine in too large a dose” implies that a drug user knows what the dose is, and chooses to take too much.

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