Michael Brown

Forever 39

My son Michael was sick with the flu a whole week before he must have called someone to bring him drugs, and I cannot find out who it is because I cannot open his phones. Someone gave him fentanyl in my small town. I have a 5000 reward out for whoever can lead me to the person who gave my son fentanyl. The coroner\\\’s report says \\\”accidental fentanyl overdose\\\”. My son was at my home the whole time he was sick, so someone must have snuck into my house for him to buy it. Yes, my son had addiction problems, but had he known in his right mind he would pass away from fentanyl poisoning, he would not have used it. I found him dying and called 911 but it was too late. He is my second son to pass on from an overdose. Whoever gave him the fentanyl has, imho, blood on their hands.