Matt Capelouto’s life took a tragic turn when in 2019 his daughter, Alexandra, just 20 years old home from college, fell victim to fentanyl poisoning. This devastating event propelled Matt into the forefront of activism against the fentanyl crisis, transforming his grief into a powerful force for change. Refusing to accept the initial non-criminal ruling of Alexandra’s death, Matt’s unwavering determination led him to meet with law enforcement officials, advocating for justice. His persistence paid off, as he was instrumental in initiating a criminal investigation into his daughter’s death. This relentless pursuit of justice culminated in the arrest and federal charges of distribution of fentanyl resulting in death against the drug dealer responsible for Alexandra’s tragic fate.

Driven by a profound sense of purpose, Matt has since dedicated himself to combating the fentanyl epidemic and holding accountable those who poison communities with lethal drugs. His activism played a crucial role in the introduction of “Alexandra’s Law” in the state of California, a landmark piece of legislation that aims to stiffen the penalties for drug dealers involved in the distribution of fentanyl and other controlled substances that result in death. Recognizing the significance of this legislation, Representative Darrell Issa introduced Alexandra’s Law at the federal level, amplifying Matt’s impact and bringing national attention to the urgent need for stricter accountability in drug-related offenses.

Matt Capelouto’s journey from a grieving father to a formidable advocate against fentanyl poisoning exemplifies his resilience and commitment to justice. Through his tireless efforts, he not only honors the memory of his daughter but also works to ensure that other families do not suffer the same heartbreaking loss. Today, Matt continues to advocate for victims and push for legislative changes that hold drug dealers responsible for their actions, making significant strides in the fight against the fentanyl crisis that plagues communities across the nation.