Liam Gallagher

Forever 22

Liam was lethally poisoned on August 13th, 2019 after unlawfully delivered Fentanyl. 
Chicago Police did not recover my son’s phone nor were they interested in pursuing his case criminally.
To date, the Chicago Police Department has no protocol investigating these homicides criminally.
He was 22 years old.
The Chicago Police Department indicating that our son purchased from an unknown source.  This after a “friend” connected Liam with an associate of his that was selling Xanax.   We are crushed.  We will continue to fight against the stigma of addiction and advocate for the Drug-Induced Homicide statute for others and their loved ones. I pray for all my friends and family to understand that this can happen to your family as fast as it happened to ours. This is a vile epidemic that does not care about race, religion, or sex… Fentanyl is a weapon of mass destruction.. Don’t believe me?!  Look up the numbers.. IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU… all it takes is one time… imagine your child at a party… someone offers Ecstasy, Shrooms, Molly simply to feel good.. your child is scared but thinks “once won’t hurt, I’ll try it”.  Then you go to wake them up and they are cold and dead.. your arms pushing on their chest as your spouse breathes air into their lungs, all the while your tears are covering their face while you feel their ribs cracking under your chest compressions..  there is no pulse and they are cold… imagine the nightmare many of us relieve.., I will continue to fight to save you and your loved one.. but We need your help to keep fighting..  Liam’s Mom