Lauren Cole

Forever 26

Lauren Renee Cole was our beautiful daughter who was in recovery for opiate/herion addiction.  She had relapsed we believe a few weeks before her death from my investigating. She was purchasing from a friend. She had went to work that morning and left to go home but stopped and purchased what she thought was herion.  Zero herion was n her system. Two types of fenenyl.  She died instantly.  Her car was still running. The lighter and straw were still in her hands.  Her dad found her 6 hours later.  She had been in the car the whole time. Our world is destroyed. She was helping recovering addicts at the time of her death. She had experienced a bad break up, she couldn’t cope with the cheating.  She relapsed and was sold poison and died instantly.  Thank you for reading and caring.  She was an amazing young lady with a horrible disease. Our whole family misses her every second of every day.