Kayla Pierce

Forever 29

Kayla Pierce went missing 11/23/2020 from fowlerville michigan They put out a missing person report on her on 11/28/2020 her car was found in Detroit Michigan on December 3rd after a known felon got pulled over in it and had it in his possession from 11/24/2020 until December 7th 2020 when Livingston County from Michigan insisted that Detroit 8th Precinct to pick it up.. which they did pick up vehicle without even doing a wellness check for my daughter when she was considered a missing person Livingston County continue to investigate trying to get Detroit to come aboard being it was a jurisdiction issue! I was told but Livingston County had mapped her phone in the area and have phone records indicating the known felon was a drug dealer when they picked up her car I noticed the blood in the trunk took forever a cadaver dog made a hit in her vehicle and everyone just ignored until forensics came in indicating it was a unknown male blood meanwhile My daughter Kayla laid in this known felons backyard wrapped in a tarp until February 11th 2021 giving him the time to get rid of all her personal belongings as well. The known felon was charged with possession and mutilation of her body a plea deal.. with no other charges or further investigation into her cause of death!! He was charged with 1 year County Jail three months probation