Joshua Said

Forever 24

Joshua Robert Said was born May 10th 1995 to a meth and alcoholic bio mom. He was immediately taken into the foster system because the mom tested positive for Methamphetamine and alcohol when he was born. The parents lost all parental rights for their 3 kids. We adopted Josh at 3 along with his 5 year old brother AJ. Josh grew up in beautiful Huntington Beach in a nice home in a great neighborhood. He got to travel to so many places when he was young all over United States and Mexico. He was silly and funny and we all had fun together. Josh was very athletic and played Baseball and Soccer.  He was MVP and Captain in Varsity Soccer at Huntington Beach High School. He began using drugs when he was 16 and was sent to a working horse ranch in Utah for 3 years. He really liked the horse ranch and became a good cowboy. But when he got home he fell right back into life with his old drug using friends. Unfortunately he became homeless and got deeper and deeper in drugs. He died of an accidental meth and heroin overdose on April 7th 2020. He was such a beautiful boy with big blue eyes and a killer smile. We were so blessed to have him as a forever son and miss him terribly. Our lives will never be the same.