Joseph Kirby

Forever 29

This nightmare started in 2014 when he had 2 shoulder surgeries.  The orthopedic surgeon did not want to do another surgery.  He instead decided to prescribe enormous amount of pain pills for almost 2 years.  Then he was referred to a pain clinic and they prescribed even more pain pills .. then they closed their doors with my son addicted to pain pills … he turned to heroin.

One day he purchased a 10.00 CAP of heroin but the CAP that was sold as heroin really healed their product they put together of a combination of 4 types of Fentanyl .  Primary was Acrylfentanyl  (narcam resistant)  they said he died instantly.

I gave my resignation and lived off my 401K .. I devoted all my time and ability to finding his killers .. I found them , went to prosecutor,  the detective put on the case found 2 additional people they killed ..

On the first day of the two week trial the plea was changed from not guilty to guilty .. The main person received 14 years in prison and not out one day early , second received 9 years and the third ( runner) 4 years in prison ..