John Allen

Forever 22


John Allen forever 22. John was a caring loving person, always stood up for what was right. He played football for Carol Steam for 4 years and also basketball for 8 years. He played the guitar and taught himself other instruments he loved music.
On July 26, 2016 my son was pronounced dead and marked as a statistic of an accidental drug overdose. After reading the fioa report seeing how it was inconsistent with what I was being told the questions started flowing in. I would check the pd words with multiple friends to find out I was being lied to. After they knew I knew they acted as if they were trying help. I have them the benefit of the doubt, to find out the statue of limitations for Johns case is up and there is nothing they can do. We had gift wrapped up 4 Deaths to the same drug dealer for them. We were able to get a bill on the floor to lift the statue of limitations but because I have had Johns phone and laptop in my possession they will not be able to use that for evidence. Johns case is closed with no serious investigation completed. With a fentanyl level of 8.1 my
Son was murdered, In spite of all the brick walls we will keep fighting the good fight, My Child’s Life Matters and so does everyone’s.