Jacob Statz

Age 29

Jacob Michael Statz age 29, of Mazomanie, Wis., beloved by many, died Sunday, March 15, 2020, surrounded by his family. Jacob was a charismatic free spirit, but regrettably lost his battle with addiction. Jacob was born Aug. 20, 1990. He was a loving father to Brayden and enjoyed every bit of raising his son. He loved his family immensely and was proud to bear the STATZ name. Jacob relished the opportunity to drive everyone crazy, particularly his parents and siblings, but a flash of his larger-than-life smile was enough to excuse the madness. Always eager to pitch in, Jacob was the first to offer his labor, whether it be landscaping, drywalling, painting, tree clearing or working the back hoe. Not only was he incredibly hardworking, he took tremendous pride in perfecting each craft, keeping the shop clean and pleasing those he worked for, especially his father, Kevin. When Jacob wasn’t working, you could find him popping wheelies on his motorcycle, fearlessly racing his dirt bike (wearing the Fox brand proudly), enjoying an oversized portion of cereal/ice cream and snuggling with his best pal and dog, Mack. He loved his friends and confidants with whom he was loud-mouthed and proud.

Jacob was a dapper, charming young man with a heart of gold. He could and would talk to anyone. He enjoyed helping others, especially going the extra mile to open a door or assist in any way he could. The vivid memory of Jacob caring for and loving his Grandpa Norby and Grandma Patsy will forever bring his family comforting reassurance knowing he is with them again. Even though many of Jacob’s life moments were riddled with darkness and desperation, in his final breaths, Jacob was thinking about and loving his family. His legacy will live on with those he’s unquestionably impacted through all the heartwarming ways that have and haven’t been mentioned.

And, with a heart too soft and a soul too kind, God knew Jacob’s journey wasn’t over. We mourn and grieve a life cut short, but celebrate Jacob’s gift of organ donation. So whether you knew him as Jacob, Jakey, Bonesy, J-Rock, or John Jacob, know that his purpose has stretched far beyond what we could have hoped for in the lives he will go on to save.