Issac Canchola

Forever 22

Isaac was a wonderful, charming, energetic happy soul. His smile lit up a room, his laugh was a sound never to be forgotten. Unfortunately isaac had unresolved emotional issues which lead to self medicating. He was given a pill believed to be Oxicodone “M30” , it was fentanyl. No oxy. He died 10/28/2020, alone in a park bathroom, his lifeless body laid there for hours, coroners office can’t even give me a time of death. So many questions with very little answers. Isaac leaves behind a family who loves him dearly, sisters, brothers, grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins and me his mom, who’s heart will NEVER be the same. I pray Isaac will receive the justice he deserves. I will continue to fight for him and be his voice. My son did not want to die.