Hope Qasem

Forever 24

My daughter died October 2. I want justice but live in Kentucky. I’ve been told they will not pursue charges against her boyfriend unless something is found in her toxicology tests. Which I’m not even sure what that means. He supplied the drugs to her. He had only been out of jail for 2-3 months for possession and selling. She was oding with him right next to her and while she was throwing up and chocking on her own puke he did nothing. He waited till she took her last breath to call for help. Afterward he left his aunts house where they were staying with my daughters possessions, her purse and money. He has her id, social security card, ssi debt card everything in her wallet and I can’t get him for stealing her belongings either. They say well she was a adult. Where’s my daughters justice. She lays cold and dead while he runs the streets with her money. But he left the ashes of their dead son behind. I have the babies ashes now. They were thrown in a garbage bag. What kind of human is that. Please help us?. She leaves behind two beautiful little girls not his, myself and sisters and brothers.