Holly Lynn Techaira

Forever 35

My Holly, forever 35, was a bright little girl, so adorable, active and a high achiever in school.  Always thought she would be the one I wouldn’t have to worry about. She was such a talented artist, and won many awards for her drawings. She got pregnant right after high school, married, and went into the Army like her husband.  She got hurt in boot camp and had to have several surgeries to fix her leg, ankle, and foot.  She laid in a hospital in Ft Leonard MO, where she was hand fed strong opiate pain meds.  She was sent home on high dose of the pain killer and became addicted.  Her life spiraled out of control when she switched to heroine when she could no longer get the pain meds.  She got clean and was doing well. We went to visit her in Cincinnati for her birthday, spoke 2 hours before we arrived she was fine.  She was gone before we got there. She was found alone and deceased in her apartment with bruises on eyes, thighs, and arms.  No investigation was ever done as she was dismissed as another druggie.