Hana Goff

Forever 20

Hana was the victim of fentanyl POISONING. Hana’s toxicology report shows ONLY fentanyl and metabolised fentanyl biproduct. Hana has never had trouble with authority, not at school, home and certainly not with the law. Hana was the girl next door and in every way a sweet and timid soul who cared only about family, friends, having a boyfriend, art and cooking. Hana never even got to have a drivers license. Hana never had substance issues, I could not even get her to finish a wine cooler on a special occasion at family events. Among Hana’s small circle of friends, she was known as the safe one, the one to make sure others were safe. Upon personally finding her body in bed that Monday morning I literally thought this must be a medical issue because there were ZERO warning signs, in fact she had been home with me for months due to the quarantine and only working 1-2 days a week as there was so little work available. I learned recently that Hana acquired her “oxy” from a SnapChat advertisement. Hana did not even drive and her friend admitted to picking up the pills for her.
Hana did NOT deserve to die and thus far, this case has gone completely uninvestigated to my knowledge. The police have not once reached out to me I only got a tox letter in my mailbox. This system is so broken on so many levels, she deserves justice AND our communities NEED to know how little is being done about this real silent killer. 
Forever in our hearts: Hana ~ Forever 20.