Forgotten Victims of Drug Induced Homicide Rally

Grieving families across the U.S. & their supporters will #RISEUP in defense of the 197 lives lost a day following the unlawful delivery of a controlled substance resulting in a death.

Rise Up Rally

Friday, March 6, 2020
4pm – 6pm
Aloha Motel
8515 S Cicero, Chicago, IL

Our March 6th rally will be in memory of Theodore “Teddy” Ryan, a Tinley Park resident and carpenter within Union Local 13. Teddy was the victim of a drug induced homicide after he was unlawfully delivered a controlled substance laced with Fentanyl and found unresponsive within his vehicle at the Aloha motel located at 8515 S Cicero. Two additional drug induced homicides also occurring at the Aloha motel on March 2, 2019 and February 3, 2019, both also involving Fentanyl. These lethal poisonings warrant a criminal investigation and prosecution.

All Chicago Police Department cases,
Case #ME2019-01057, 32 year old victim
Case #ME2019-00565, 22 year old victim
Case #ME2019-01003, 51 year old victim

Participants will peacefully assemble passing out flyers related to the Drug Induced Homicide criminal statute, complementary awareness bracelets and participants will share in the loss of their loved ones and the judicial system’s failure to criminally investigate and prosecute these lethal poisonings.
Public welcome, children friendly.

*Consider bringing an oversized banner of your loved one lost sharing name, age, date of death, poison that ended their life and city in which the death occurred.

Every drug toxicity death warrants a criminal investigation. To effectively address this national crisis, we need state, local & federal commitment directed towards prevention, education, treatment, enforcement, and prosecution. Identifying the source of the lethal poisoning sends a clear and unmistakable message to drug dealers.
If you choose to profit from the misery and suffering of others, the judicial system will pursue you, and should the unthinkable tragedy of a fatal drug toxicity death occur because of your unlawful delivery, expect a knock on your door with an arrest warrant for drug-induced homicide.
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Drug Induced Homicide arrests help tackle our city’s most serious drug threat – fentanyl.

When a person dies following a suspected drug toxicity death, it leaves an evidence trail; law enforcement must work with the evidence and the timeline in determining the source of the lethal dose.

“The charge of drug-induced homicide is designed to hold people criminally responsible for being in the chain of delivery, he said. That can mean buying the drugs, administering the dose, handing someone drugs, driving the car to go get the drugs — it can be “a lot of different things,” said Kane County State’s Attorney

When bad things happen to good people, they grieve & they suffer. Then they resolve not to allow it to happen to someone else. Not so it can help justify the pain, suffering or loss that has struck their family but so no one else has to feel the pain they have felt.