Dylan Wang

Forever 25

If Dylan was around you never knew what would happen as he was the king of pranks and never ceased joking around. Dylan constantly had a mischievous smirk and was usually up to something…yet at the same time had a heart of gold. He always looked for the best in others and reached out with a helping hand. He cherished his nieces and nephews and was looking forward to welcoming his newest niece very soon. Dylan also fought an addiction to drugs, which he had recently accepted treatment in hopes to recover. Unfortunately, help didn’t reach him soon enough and suddenly on Saturday, June 10, 2017, he lost his battle to drugs at the tender age of 25. He died due to fentanyl toxicity given to him by his “friend”. He died in his sleep, with his german shepherd Jack by his side. Through all of this sadness, Dylan’s family hopes that this tragedy will encourage other families struggling with addiction to love strongly, support endlessly, and seek the help that is so desperately needed. Dylan’s life and the hearts he touched will forever be remembered.