Board Member

Dawn Beitzel Allen is a mother of three and grandmother of 5. As a lifelong resident of Waukegan IL she has always had a vested interest in the city she was raised in and subsequently raised her children in. Dawn has a deep rooted passion for community service and outreach. Her work as a volunteer started at age 9 where she served alongside of her Grandmother at a local soup kitchen every week for most of her childhood.

Dawn continued to seek out opportunities to serve her community as she entered high school where gave up her free period during her Jr. and Sr. years to assist with the Special Needs Choir.
Following graduation, Dawn went on to work as a teacher’s assistant for an organized curriculum-based day care, where she was trained and licensed to provide Early Childhood Development services. She has been supporting families as a private nanny for 20 years and offers postpartum doula services for new parents.

Dawn has more than a decade of experience working with various nonprofit organizations. She is an ambassador of the National Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a cause that became very close to her heart following the loss of her father to Leukemia Cancer in 2000. Additionally, she served on the executive board as Secretary for Words on Wheels an outreach program offering services to at risk infants and children living in shelters and transitional living facilities in Lake County IL.

Following the death of her beloved son Benjamin to fentanyl poisoning in March of 2023 Dawn spent the next year learning as much as she could about the fentanyl crisis in our country. During this period of time she aligned with the Drug Induced Homicide Foundation and currently serves on the executive board. Through her relationship with this foundation, Dawn has developed a number of strategies to address the impact illicit drugs are having on her community. She is working alongside Illinois legislators on various initiatives and legislation. Dawn, in collaboration with the Lake County States Attorney is working with local Law Enforcement agencies to improve their response to Drug Poisoning deaths and their subsequent investigations. Dawn has given presentations for Drug Induced Homicide Training and has been a guest speaker at numerous recovery focused events.

As a mother turned activist she is determined to bring forth true and lasting change in the face of the greatest surge of Drug Poisoning deaths in US History. She is devoted to making the world a safer place for her beautiful grandchildren and carrying on Benjamin’s legacy of love through her advocacy and activism.