Cynthia Doruth

Forever 34

My daughter Cynthia has used alot in her time with us she ended up doing heroine laced with fentnyal I found out she was using that drug and I had already had joint custody of 3 of 4 children 1 got adopted made me sad in our home she was on the couch and her 3 year old child was trying to give her a drink and notice she was slump over and freaked out she came too and I was just about to call 911 I am so sorry I didn’t she said don’t call police mom they will arrest Me so she got scared and was cutting back so she can go to doctors she stay with he sister 15 miles away 2 days later she decided to go to doctors as she was still using and still having seizures so she was going to the next morning and at 7ish her called me and said come now¬† come now and that was the end