Courtney Heater

Forever 24

Courtney Heater was born May 22, 1995. Courtney was raised in Plainfield, IL. She attended high school at Plainfield Central. She loved playing Rugby, cheerleading, Irish dancing, playing hockey and was adventurous. Courtney was also, a proud dog mama to her baby Harle.

In 2018, Courtney met a boy online, started dating & moved down to Nakina, North Carolina. The relationship started off good, but things became toxic. Courtney’s boyfriend struggles with drug addiction. In September 2019, Courtney & her boyfriend got into a disagreement which resulted physical. According to the medical report impression-Courtney was beaten. The report read: facial laceration, facial contusion, mild concussion, laceration repair & ASSAULT. This is an example of one of the many disagreements between the couple. Courtney filed a police report for this disagreement, but never pressed charges due to the pressure from the boyfriend & his family.

On February 2, 2020 Courtney’s mother received a phone call from the local corner’s office staying her daughter had passed away. Courtney passed away in her home with her boyfriend present. Courtney’s Cause of Death was an accidental Fentanyl and Heroin Intoxication. Courtney’s autopsy diagnoses read; Fentanyl and Heroin intoxication, Pulmonary edema and congestion, Mild patchy bronchopneumonia, minor blunt force injuries to head, torso and extremities. Courtney’s autopsy had multiple pages describing marks/bruises/gashes/broken bones. Unfortunately due to the circumstances of Courtney’s Cause of Death, the case has been closed. No one from the Columbus County North Carolina Sheriff’s Office is returning her mother’s phone calls.

Courtney was not a drug user. There are several text messages and voice memos between the couple that Courtney is pleading for the boyfriend to stop using. Her pleading with him, caused explosive outbursts of anger towards her resulting in physical and mental abuse. According to the 911 call placed on February 2, 2020, the 911 dispatcher asked the boyfriend numerous times if there was any drugs involved. The boyfriend responded saying no, she never did drugs. Therefore, for someone who does not do drugs, for her to pass with drugs in her system it is VERY ALARMING. There was never a proper investigation completed. There was never a statement taken by the boyfriend for the incident that occurred on February 2, 2020.