Cory Jackson Brooks

Forever 28

Cory was poisoned by fentanyl on 1/23/2018, his father found him in our basement dead in his bed. He had 25 percent fentanyl in his system and he died within minutes per the medical examiners report. Corys phone had the number of the dealers involved however the police felt it wasn’t about heroin deals, they called in one person, which lead to nothing, they had an anonymous tip that there was some police involve them from Tecumseh, mi which people had witnessed involving Cory and another person, however the Raisin Township police felt it was irrevelant and did not investigate any father. We tried to get the Rhino unit involved, they refused they felt that the Raisin twp was doing their part and would not join their investigation, it’s painful, Cory didn’t want to die like many of our children who have been murdered by these dealers! It’s appalling they continue to get away with the murder of our loved ones