BrettĀ Pingel

Forever 23

My son Brett was found unconscious not breathing at or about 755am on 09/22/20. He was blind and his live in girlfriend was with him at the timebof overdose/death. She didn’t call 911, she didn’t perform correctly, she called me, I didn’t answer until 2 mins later i called 911 and thenĀ  rushed the 2 miles distance from my house to his. I found him naked in his bedroom on a mattress on the floor and lifeless. I am a nurse and 911 dispatcher therefore I am well trained for cpr. I performed chest compressions until the ambulance arrived. It was too late. He had been down for too long. He was blind. Someone took him tonget drugs or brought them to him. His girlfriend knew of the drug abuse and knew he was overdosing regularly but refused to call 911 because of their open dcfs case regarding their 3 boys ages 4, 3 and 1 month.