Brandi Marie Nicole Molter

Forever 30

Brandi struggled with Addiction from a very early age,,when she was 21 she went to prison for 4 yrs,,I believe without a shadow of a doubt that heroin was glorified because she came home an went to shooting herion,,when she used she did everything!! Meth,crack,weed, anything! After many trips to jail while she was on parole,,an the threat of her going back she quit while in a program..she was clean for 11 months an relapsed,,a week later she was dead,,she came in one night high an I ask her was she high,,she said yes Mommy,, but NOT ON WHAT YOU THINK,,  YES SHE WAS ON What I thought!!! I knew by her eyes,,I was going to talk to her the next day,,but I was awoke to her boyfriend saying he just found her dead!!!   Oh God No!!! I tried to wake her!! She was cold and blue but if we get her warm!!! Someone HELP ME,HELP HER!! PLZ GOD NO!!  SHE’S CLEAN