Amanda Quattrochi

Forever 22

It has been 6 long years since we laid my beautiful daughter, Amanda, to rest. I try to live with the memories and remember the wonderful moments we shared.
Amanda was born in Melrose Park in 1991. She was a clam baby, she hardly ever cried and slept through the night the third day she was home. She had silvery hair and the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen. When she did cry, it was a little squeek like a mouse.

As she grew, she was kind hearted, athletically gifted, bright, strong willed, and feisty. She would rescue animals and one time she untangled a baby bird caught in fishing line. She brought home lost dogs and wanted to become a veterinarian when she grew up. At age 11, she could pitch a softball, underhand windmill @ 65 MPH! She was so talented, the boys used to call for her to be on their team! She had a strong sense for what was right and debated with her C.C.D. teacher that air IS alive because it helps us to live. I thought she’d become a lawyer. She always held true to what she believed.

We miss and love her bear hugs and her voice as she came running into my arms (even as an adult) ” mama, I love you”. Our lives will never be the same without her. She made a choice to do drugs and it costed her her life. She wasn’t alone in this decision, the dealer still gets to live their life and should have a consequence.