Alexander Neville

Forever 14

Alexander Hastings Neville, 14 years old, died on 23 June 2020 due to poisoning by fentanyl—a drug he mistook for something else. Alex’s was a larger than life kid that was always passionately pursued his favorite subjects. He was always open with us, in fact he would often complain that he told us too much. This closeness gave our family a false sense of security. On June 21st Alex told us he had been experimenting with pills for a week and they really had a hold on him and he needed help. I called a treatment facility on 6/22, they needed to get it approved and call me back. That night he took 1 pill he got through social media, I found him the following morning. Alex had enough fentanyl in his system to kill 4 people. If we new about fentanyl Alex would still be here, If Alex took the pill he thought he was sold he would still be here. He never had a chance to learn from his mistake. He leaves a huge hole in our family, there are no words that can accurately describe how much myself, his father, and sister love and miss him.